Welcome one, welcome all!

I am here to help you get you socialized, in the business aspect of things…

If you are part of any business, big or small, it is urgent that you have at least one social media page. It’s not just for fun, it’s how you keep in touch with your customers and get to know their needs.

93% of marketers are using social media, don’t get left behind!

This website is here to give you insight on how social media can help your business grow and stay relevant. Also check out helpful tips to get you on your way to a social media expert in no time!


How Social Media will help your Business

Social media has become a game changer for marketers everywhere. It has provided major opportunities in eCommerce, market research and customer relationship management. Social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter provide the opportunity to reach and engage consumers worldwide. Although it can be a low-cost form of advertising for most businesses, time is the primary investment when running your business’ social media accounts. You want to keep current on world events and changes in the industry when having an online presence. You also want to appear accessible to customers and potential customers if they come to you for help or with concerns. By engaging with customers on a consistent basis and listening to what they have to say, you can gather relevant customer data and use that information to make smarter business decisions.

Why I chose this topic

Social media has always been a passion of mine. I’ve seen it become a great tool not only for individuals but for businesses. Some use it for humor like Wendy’s, others to connect with with their audience on an emotional level like Pampers does with parents, and other companies try to inspire and instill confidence in customers like Dove. Social media is so dynamic and powerful. So while it can help draw in customers it can also send them away. I hope to continue learning about how social media can be used in the business world and pursue my career in social media       management.